Know This Before You Hire Your Personal Accident Lawyer


A wide range of situations and accidents constitute a personal injury. Whether you have been injured in your neighbor’s home, involved in a car accident or unfortunately got bitten by a stranger’s dog that left their compound, you are a victim of personal injury.

If the personal injury is serious, hire a competent personal injury attorney or Atlanta car accident lawyer to handle the case.
Before you initiate the claim process, engage a lawyer with a proven track record in such cases. Dr. Ted Greve is an Atlanta car accident lawyer you could consider hiring.

The following are things you should be aware of before you engage a personal injury attorney:-
Move speedily after the accident has occurred. The postponement could deny you the opportunity to file the case in some future time due to the restraints of the statute of limitations of your state.

Hire a personal injury lawyer atlanta who is well trained and licensed. Ask whether they have ever dealt with cases like yours or if they have successfully helped claimants like you before. Ask them for contacts of those they have represented and call them to know how they feel about the lawyer.

Understand the role you will play. Get treated and remember to forward all medical bills to your personal health insurance company. Inform the lawyer on everything relating to such bills and the facts of what transpired. The attorney will need this to properly handle your case.

Ask work place colleagues, friends, or even a referral service to give you references. You can also search online for personal injury lawyer reviews to make sure you will not be working with a lawyer with a poor reputation. Avoid attorneys who call you for business after the accident.

Gather all important information and present it to your attorney. Give them information and documents such as medical records, specific details of the accident e.g place, date, time and weather conditions, accident report(if the cops were involved), pictures of every damage or injury, car insurance policy details and those of the other party and information on your current salary or wages.

Lawyers charge between 33.3% and 40% of the award. Make sure that all accident related pending medical treatment bills are settled before they calculate their cut.
By hiring the best personal injury lawyer among Atlanta personal injury attorneys, you will save yourself from a ton of stress. You will also improve the chance receiving fair compensation during negotiations or from the court where the case proceeds to trial.

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